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Dog too hyper, works great for this, Great for dog clipping, fireworks, and hyper animals. All natural pet formula, great dietary suppliment for use on all sizes of pets. Just add a drop in food for a daily suppliment. More can be used for a dog with certain symptoms. Contains no propylene glycol, which most use as a carrier, which maybe harmful to pets. We have customized infusion process to get proper mixing with hemp oil. Oil may need to be shaken before each use, if you see a product that does not state that, it must contain a carrier such as propylene glycol that maybe harmful to pets. Hemp oil also has many benifits such as a shiny coat.

10ml dropper bottle
20ml dropper bottle
Legal in all 50 states.

This site does not give any info on the benefits of cbd oil, due to fda laws, any site that discusses  the benifits of cbd is in violation of a federal law due to fda regulations. Posted is a link to a document of a States patent held by the DHS  on the benifits of cbd, and what it could possibly cure.
There is also
pubmed which publishes medical findings. Searchable.

I have been a medical marijuana patient and have grown, and have a pretty good idea of works for me. Small grow rooms, and outdoor growing is very hard to keep consistant, thus no way of knowing if the product will be consistant for dosing.

I buy oil in large quanities from wholesalers, I recieve documentation and testing of every extraction. All products contain only the highest quality products as a base for the cbd,  just as I would use for myself.

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A must for new marijuana users. CBD's are the part of marijuana that regulates the psyco active effects. CBD nuetralizes the buzz from THC in minutes.All natural formula contains hemp oil infused with pure CBD oil. propylene glycol added for keeping mixed and added adsorption in body.
Also usefull as a dietary suppliment to get benifits associated with CBD use.

single capsule packs
10ml. dropper bottle